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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taking Life for Granted

It occurred to me this morning how easily we slip into taking life for granted. As I sat on a city bus in The Hague watching crowds of people going about their day to day lives, I wondered how many woke up this morning giving thanks for all that they are blessed with? How many hugged their children and loved ones as they sent them on their way to school, to work, etc? How many thought about the world in which we live and how fragile it all could be?

On the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk I think of this a lot--especially as one of our team members is confronting an apparent health challenge and we are all moving in complete knowing that all is well as we await the results of her medical exams. So even here we find ourselves walking the talk and taking life one step at a time. Living each moment fully, joyfully and aware of the many ways in which Divine Grace blesses us with every step. 

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Show Up Is the Medicine
I had a thought this morning in response to an email question, "What is the medicine of BGD?"...The medicine is showing up.There will come a time when the money will be there in abundant supply AND we will know beyond a doubt that what we have created came from the heart, 100%, of all those who committed themselves to healing in community and showing up to a greater vision that is more easily felt than articulated but does encompass a belief that we-- each of us -- can change the world in profound ways.In this BGD the young leaders stepped up and embraced themselves as leaders. POWERFUL
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European Dates for Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk
Here is a rough draft of our European WALK:
  1. Leaving The Hague on the evening of the 31st. Taking the ferry to the UK.
  2. Traveling to Stonehenge/Salisbury/Avebury/West Kennett and Glastonbury between the 1st of November and the 5th of November
  3. We will be seeking housing arrangements from November 6th through November 27th--this is the time we would like to spend in community and have the opportunity to meet and greet and to speak and share our story before going on to Ireland on the 28th
  4. November 28th we will leave for Ireland for two weeks (we are seeking connects there for the time we will be there)
  5. Leave Ireland on the 12th of December for Wales
  6. Leave Wales on the 16th of December for Paris, France
  7. Leave France on the 19th of December for Portugal
  8. Leave Portugal on the 23rd of December for Spain
  9. Leave southern Spain on the 7th of January for Morocco
We are seeking assistance for Housing, Speaking, Media, Community Service Projects, Other...)
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reflections on the BGD Peace Intensive - - from The Hague
After a week of intense personal and group processing, the 5th BGD gathering is coming to a close. I was in awe of the young leaders, their growth, commitment and determination to affect a change in the world. A highlight for me was the final discussion regarding the need to begin to identify the skill sets we need to develop and share to be effective leaders in a rapidly changing world. We approached this by examining our individual process for getting to the Beyond the Global Divide Intensive. Keys for each of us were: releasing (detaching) to allow the journey to unfold without swimming up stream by trying to make it what we want it to be; showing up and trusting the process and trusting Divine support. These are EXACTLY the same things we have to embrace in order to stay on the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk. Starr:, BGDer from Vancouver) presented an inspiring workshop, Cultural Migration through Dance, Music and Storytelling; Chandelle (BGDer from Nashville, TN and Trail of Dreams World Peace Walker) presented a workshop and demonstration Yoga and Wholeness; Brenda Kay, www.redkettledesigns.com/brenda from Bribie Island, Australia joined the ranks of BGD Elders and presented an emotional healing  workshop on Forgiveness; Glenn Atkinson from New Zealand, www.garudabd.org and www.bdmax.co.nz conducted an informative workshop, As Above. So Below (the big picture) and the second one, How that Affects Each of Us on a Personal Level; Joan Klink conducted a Agni Ceremony which allowed us to integrate the fullness of this BGD summit experience; and the Trail of Dreams Team conducted a discussion on the Teachings from the Trail.   
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