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Thursday, December 27, 2007

On Benazir Bhutto's Assasination
Needless to say we, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk,
 were shocked this evening by the news of Bhutto's murder.
We pray for her family, community and all of the people of
Pakistan. Her courageous leadership and daring spirit will
remain in the minds and hearts of not only Pakistan, but of
the world. This evening we hold Pakistan in or prayers.
As we continue to walk for peace, we are reminded of how
fragile life can be. We humbly pray that weapons of gun and
bombs will soon be replaced by "weapons of love and justice."

Audri Scott Williams
Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk
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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Elders

    Earlier this year a group was formed called The Elders (http://www.theelders.org/). You will recognize some of the participants - Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Sui Kyi, Mary Robinson. Each is a life-long advocate for peace, non-violence, and human rights.

    2008 is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Elders have launched a worldwide initiative, "Every Human Has Rights," to get one billion people to read, sign, and pledge to live by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    As we continue the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, we encourage global participation of all peoples in the preservation and practice of their culture, while encouraging everyone to honor the rights of others to live their lives in peace and acceptance. When there is violence, violation of human and planetary rights, we must have the love in our hearts and the courage to stand together to answer the call to unite for peace, non-violence and human rights. As one of my teachers, Mr. Hale Makua, used to say, "Together we can sing this planet awake."  

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rise We Shall
Walking the earth gives me a perspective of the planet that before I could only read about and wonder. But now I see what it looks like when communities run out of water and when communities use Mother Earth as a dumping ground for plastics, especially the blue and clear plastic bags that groceries often come in, plastic beverage containers and styrophome cups. I have seen cows eating the plastic bags and know the slow death that results. I have witnessed the destruction of ecosystems. I have seen factories, refineries and manufacturers operating in absolute violation of safe practices for the planet and for humanity.

I have also seen communities making a stand for what they value--life-- and making tough choices about creating plastic free provinces, recycling, changing personal habits that will lead to the preservation of precious resources like water, energy and food, and holding industry accountable.

We have so far to go if we are going to be partners in the sustainability of our planet and humanity. Violations of planetary and human rights must become our collective platform for change and holding our leaders and corporations accountable. Silence is deadly and our planet and millions of people are suffering beyond measure while so many of us are still debating, ignoring and pretending that all is well. I have a friend who's favorite saying is, "It's like we are all on the Titanic and as the ship is going down we are rearranging the furniture on deck!

Change is possible and we have the power to make choices in our everyday lives to transform any moral calamity that has led us down this path of disregard for life while we escape in shopping malls and behind ear phones that block out the call for change. This time is a call for us to rise and rise we shall, for "in spite of my visions I believe in the power of the Almighty reflected in our humanity...and I know that in the final hour (but let us not wait any longer) our humanity will prevail.(Diary of NOWTIME Prophecies)" With love in our hearts and faith in our capacity to transform all things let us  raise our consciousness and our hearts to  engage and affect change for  all our sakes.

Love and compassion married with knowledge and courage give us the power to change the world.

Al Gore's Nobel Prize Speech (Let us be informed)


Contemporary genocide is something we find hard to acknowledge but for millions around the world it is a reality. As we, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers walk for, stand up for and live for PEACE, we often are faced with the harsh reality that the greatest threats to peace are ignorance and silence. The link below is to an HBO presentation called Sand and Sorrow. I encourage all of you to watch it and seek other means of educating yourself on human rights violations in Darfur. Please be advised that it is graphic and may not be suitable to all.

Love and compassion married with knowledge and courage give us the power to change the world.


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