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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Final Step...the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long

An open letter:

New York City to Atlanta, GA

January 21 – April 21, 2009

Following in the path of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others, if I may be so bold, I am in agreement with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said, "Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts." I also agree that nonviolence creates, "a powerful moral force which makes for social transformation." And that, "Sooner or later, all the peoples of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace."

I am also aware that we cannot change the things of which we are not aware. And, that so many people in our communities are unaware of the vast number of atrocities born of human rights and ecological violations affecting our human family. If we are to create a "powerful moral force which makes for social transformation," then we must bring the injustices affecting our human family to the masses. We must have the courage to lift the scab and allow the wounds to be witnessed in a loving and compassionate space where we ALL are represented and walk together to fashion an evolved humanity.

As you may be aware, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers left Atlanta, GA on October 21, 2005 to walk around the world for peace. It is amazing to me to think that in just ten months we will be returning to the USA - NYC to begin our final leg of the walk from NYC to Atlanta. It is even more humbling to me that by the time we return, we would have traveled to every continent (expect Antarctica) meeting communities and touching the Earth.

Yoland Trevino, a dear friend, once wrote me a note and said we remind her of a Black Panther moving quietly and often unseen around the world healing Mother Earth. As we plan our return to the states for the final leg of the walk it appears that the Black Panther wants to roar (smile).

Every night, for the past month, I dream of a walk for peace from NYC to Atlanta, that includes masses of people and organizations and interfaith groups showing up to affect positive change for humanity. At first, I called this leg the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Thon but now, I have modified the title to the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long.

The Vision: "Millions of Everyday People" walking the long road home to freedom, justice and compassionate co-sharing of human rights and responsibilities ... hand in hand--heart to heart --
Passionately - Engaged - Affecting - Compassion/community - Everywhere

Summary: The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long is envisioned as a demonstration of ordinary people, in mass, showing up to be a demonstration of a deep human commitment to peace, justice, equality through compassionate co-sharing of human rights and responsibilities. Dreaming this enormous gathering is born out of an inward conviction that we are our sisters and brothers keepers, and with every thought, every dream and every action (even the most minute) each of us affects the lives of people and Mother Earth everywhere. We must lift the scab that hides the condition of many of the world's communities ripped apart by violence and oppression, including those here at home, and bare the human condition to the world.

The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long represents a people's movement, humanity showing up for humanity - for peace. It is about honestly and courageously placing our human condition on the front line to "remember" our connection as a human family. To do this I see:

● Every religious and spiritual group walking together demonstrating interfaith unity and commitment to end "religiously motivated violence"
● Town meetings in every community as forums for dialog, raising awareness (through films, media and other presentations, exhibits and dialogs), peace education and awareness, and action
● Communities along the path of the walk taking responsibility to "host" the TDWPWalk-A-Long in and through their community
● A "traveling" eco-village that moves with us and is a demonstration of various methods that can be employed to reduce our footprint on Mother Earth
● Filmmakers sharing their documentaries on human rights and environmental violations affecting the world
● Visual and performing artists sharing their Art for Peace Sake
● A diverse collective of special interest groups, organizations, associations, schools, colleges and universities and communities walking with us

Objectives Include:

1. Attract and engage Millions of Everyday People to show up and walk with
and for an evolved humanity.
2. Attract and engage a vast network of interfaith support and participation
at every level
3. Using all resources (Internet, media and public speaking) available get
the word out far and wide about the walk
4. Attract and engage Peace Partners from every segment of society at home
and abroad to join the planning team and to share information with their
constituency; and to walk with us
5. Attract and engage the necessary infrastructure and financial resources
and expertise to assist in the implementation of the walk
6. Attract and engage local, national and international leaders
7.Attract and engage First Nations People from every continent to provide
the energetic foundation in support of the walk
8.Shift the energy around privilege to marry privilege and righteous action
through peace in action.
9.Resurrect love and compassion at a mass level to address the human and
ecological needs of today and for generations to come.
10.Create a pathway for the sustainability of the energy, projects and
services that come forward during the TDWPWalk-A-Long.

I am sharing my vision with you because I value your input and am asking for your thoughts, suggestions and feelings regarding the above. Needless to say I have never done anything like this before, but then I have never walked around the world totally dependent on community to get us from one place to another. I know in my heart that my belief in my dreams and visions compels me to action. Seldom are my beliefs limited to a "subjective state of mind." I therefore believe that our outward actions are a demonstration of our inward convictions. It is in this fertile ground that this vision has landed. I believe that people are ready to be co-sharers that uplift our human and planetary condition. I believe that people are poised for righteous action that will lead to righteous change. Therefore, I am compelled to act on behalf of a dream once again. Please join me and let us "re-member" the human family in the highest call for Peace in Action.

This open letter represents the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long at its core. It is not my world, or your world, or even their world, but OUR world, where we are each co-sharers with the opportunity and responsibility to uplift our human and planetary condition. I invite your participation in the WALK and in this discussion paper which will become the foundation for the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long. My plan is to begin distribution of the final document within two weeks throughout the world. Your insight and comments will be most helpful as I continue to clarify and empower this statement for the global family.

In Peace,

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