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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You!

I have to lead off with a big thank you to all of YOU for not only getting us started on this monumental, extraordinary, historical global walk for PEACE, but for also being with us every step of the way. Your names are to many to mention here (we would need a much larger site--smile). From shoes to RVs, places to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear and airline tickets to get from one place to another....

Imagine, we made it across six continents, seventeen countries and hundreds of communities!!walkers.jpg We have seen the Grand Canyon at Sunrise; the Taj Mahal; the Golden Temple; we road camels across the Sahara to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx; we have sailed along the Nile; we have journeyed to the Outback to stand in awe before Uluru; we have lost shoes to the jungles in southern Mexico; walked knee deep in monsoon waters; held our peace in the midst of the Mumbai seize; bunkered ourselves for hurricane Omar while in the Caribbean; learned what it was like to walk in high altitudes where the oxygen is so thin while in the Andes in Peru; learned to be gracious for the small things and celebrate the Divine Grace that preceded us everywhere. 

We saw many things that speak to the inate compassion of humanity; and we saw things that made us shiver at the many ways we so easily neglect those in need. We have a lot to do -- here at home and abroad.

Through it all, we have been LOVED. We have learned first hand the power of love. We have learned to step gently and laugh out loud! Now, we return home to begin again...


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