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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13 Moon Walk 4 Peace Off to a Great Start

We have been on the walk now for just over a month (click here to view video of the start of the walk). The first month of a walk is always intense. During the first month we have to get to know one another. We have to organize walking routes, community contacts, social networks, websites, disengage from our "normal life" now left behind, build our endurance and heal blistered feet.

Oh yea -- we also have to learn how to drive the RV, use our cameras, make sure we remember to take pictures and remember to blog.  Then there is planning activities in communities -- speaking, being in service,radio interview, and walking -- there is always walking. Then there is shopping, laundry, cooking, figuring out how to get mail and making repairs on vehicles.

Well, after one month we have walked over 500 miles. We have participated in interfaith services and spoken at church gatherings; we have visited urban gardens; spoken at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; walked with Ms. McGhee in a Riverside Vigil to bring greater awareness to her son's murder tens years ago, allegedly by Macon law enforcement officers (click here to view the video); we visited sacred lands; screened two film Ase: Igniting the Power Within and For the Next 7 Generations; visited Joan Baliker to see her new sculpture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; made new friends; and have come to know one another deeply.



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