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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Kelley Williams-Bolar Case

I just read about the Kelley Williams-Bolar case, a mother of two daughters who lied about where she lived in order for her daughters to have a better education, free from the violence of the neighborhood where they lived. When prosecuted she was not able to pay the $30,000 the school district said she owed, she was sentenced, as a felon, to 10 days in jail (according to ABC News).

Have we returned to a time of separate but equal -- again? Over the last twenty years, privatization of this country's public schools systems has left many a child on the outside of what used to be a right --the right to public education. People are debating the school district issue and loosing sight of the right that every American should have to quality education and the lines being drawning around who gets access to quality education and who does not.

There is a dangerous precedent being made here that goes beyond Ms. Williams-Bolar doing what she felt she needed to do to protect and give her daughters a decent education. If we do not pay attention and deeply explore the growing divisions along the lines of privilege we perpetuate a "cradle to prison pipeline" coined by the Children's Defense Fund.

CDF's vision with it's Cradle to Prison Pipeline campaign is to reduce detention and incarceration by increasing preventive supports and services children need, such as access to quality early childhood development and education services and accessible, comprehensive health and mental health coverage. Emphasis must be shifted for the sake of our children and our nation's future.

Access to quality education is much more than a boundary issue and needs to be at the core of the political agenda of this country.


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Over a 1,000 Miles of Walking & Engaging

I can hardly believe we have walked over a thousand miles and have had the opportunity to engage with people on the streets and in communities, from Atlanta, GA, through Florida, and across the southern USA to our current location in Austin, TX. Please see our website: 13moonwalk4peace.com and join our virtual walk community: communitiesofpeace.ning.com.

This month we introduced our 13 Moon: Through the Eyes of a Child and we continue to feature That's My Peace. Check us out!

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