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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Workshops and Retreats

Together, Audri Scott Williams and Karen Hunter Watson, perhaps the first women to lead a global walk for peace, combine the grace of original music and words from the heart to touch the lives of those who have the opportunity to experience their presence. According to Audri, “We have journeyed around the world for peace and healing; now we begin an even deeper journey into the hearts of humanity. Never before has so much depended on our mutual commitment to “showing up” to affect a shift from separation consciousness to a consciousness built upon cooperation, love and truth.”

Karen adds, “There is a Divine orchestration going on and as we come to this awareness many lives will be transformed by Grace and a loving Creator. Now is the time.”

Audri Scott Williams and Karen Hunter Watson are the founding directors of the Quantum Leap Transformational Center (QLTC). The mission of the QLTC is to expand the outer limits of the human experience.

For more information click here: QLTC



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