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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Response to Nonviolent Social Change Revisited by Audri Scott Williams

Greetings Dear Sister Audri,

Your work continues to be held in high esteem at our Sacred Fire and in our ceremonies we pray for the spiritual evolution of humanity and the way of peace for all Beings in relationship to each other and to the Natural World.

I am pleased to read your comments on opportunities for peaceful change and a shift from violence.  I would add a comment to the list:  

The Americas were "founded" on violence, greed, disrespect and wholesale genocide of the original Indigenous Nations occupying these homelands. Instead of developing a relationship based on the Spirit and Intent of the Covenants, Treaties and Political Agreements made between the Crown and Indigenous Nations, the relationship became a power based one of domination, theft of land, lies, broken agreements and incredible violence. 

Those Original Agreements, Covenants and Treaties were made in the sight of the Creator during ceremony to bless the ties, they are holy documents of trust and mutual respect, noting the sharing of land and resources.  When the Indigenous Nations made the agreements, there was also the covenant with white people to take care of the land and thus share in the responsibility of stewarding it and all life upon it.  Our Ancestors would not have made those Agreements without that caveat.

Today we live in traditional homelands of Indigenous Nations of people who are not only decimated but we are the living products of the belief that General Sherman expressed to your President, " The Indians should either be all killed off or we should make them paupers in their own homelands."  I think we know which method was selected in every country in the Americas.  

I am sharing these thoughts with you because the roots of violence are Ancestral in origin.  Unless we come back into right relationship with each other as Nations, reconcile and rebuild, there will be no peace for anyone. There will be no peace for Mother Earth and Her Creatures.  We as a human family are out of balance with Natural Law and Spiritual Laws.  

The ceremonies of Indigenous Nations are more needed now than ever before.  As we reconcile as the Living, our Ancestors can reconcile in the High Heavens of the Spirit World.  This is our path as human beings.  It cannot be overlooked or amended by anything less than ceremonial reconciliation.  Everywhere in the Americas, our people are waiting for society, praying for society to awaken to the greater purpose of human life; To live in peace, in the spirit of love, brotherhood, unity with each other and all of creation.  Nothing less will please the Creator!!!


Diane Longboat
Six Nations Grand River Territory
P.O. Box 721
Ohsweken, Ontario
N0A 1M0
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nonviolent Social Change Revisited

The Spirit of Truth Foundation, sponsoring organization for the Quantum Leap Transformational Center, the NOWTIME School for Awakening, the 13 Moon Walk for Peace, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, and a Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative, send forward a clarion call to end the streams of violence affecting communities across our nation and beyond. When war and violence are seen as the means by which we settle conflicts on a national scale, then the mentality of war and conflict seeps into our everyday consciousness and before you know it hate and violence become the means to eradicating anything that is perceived as a threat on every aspect of our lives.

This level of consciousness met with guns and ammunition can be as lethal as a deadly bomb. In our resent past we have painfully witnessed this affect (in Sanford, Florida,  Colorado and now Wisconsin) leaving us to mourn the senseless deaths of those who were in the right place at the wrong time. Certainly, as we look at violent crime statistics in our communities across the country, in this time of economic destabilization, we  are met with the challenge to be ever diligent in our pursuit of nonviolent social change, to be effective change agents and bridge builders. In order to do this, we must seek to shift from violence as the answer to our problems, to creating opportunities for, at least:

  • dialogues for change, for understanding across religions, race, gender, culture--in fact, all forms of fragmentation and polarization;
  •  financial redistribution in support of community based initiatives;
  •  jobs for the rising number of unemployed; and

·         support for small business development as an economic development strategy.

There are many strategies for effective and compassionate change. They are within us all. Only through consciously engaging together with love and compassion for all, will we be able to carve out a path toward a future of peace and justice for all.
Perhaps Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was speaking to us, even now, as he said, "The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."

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