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Friday, May 31, 2013

My Passion 4 Peace Births...


On the International Day of Peace

The world celebrates the international Day of Peace on September 21, 2013. It is our goal, Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers - United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle, 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace, Heal the Atmosphere, United Nations International Day of Peace... to affect the largest most inclusive initiative for peace on the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2013 @ 12 noon in every time zone around the world. Imagine a wave of intentional peace encompassing the world -- a wave gently washing over the planet to raise the consciousness of peace and compassion. Imagine a wave so strong it literally causes people to put down their weapons and hold the space for a possible future of peaceful coexistence.

The ringing of bells is a major part of this day. Bells will ring at 12 noon in every time zone to begin each event and again at 1pm to conclude the event. According to the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, "Since ancient times, human beings have been using sound to enhance states of consciousness. The ancients imparted a sophisticated, intuitive knowledge of how the tuning of the bowls, bells, chanting etc. could create sound to expand consciousness, opening higher levels of brain function."  If this is true, then the gentle sounding of the bells will connect us through our hearts, allowing all within its range to feel the power of love, compassion. The Interfaith Prayer, which will follow the bells, will remind us, that there are many wells but only one river -- the Divine by many names. We are one.

What we are asking:

1. Organizations in each country/community to conduct a walk, dance, meditation, concert for peace as a part of Footprints Around the World for Peace, at 12 noon.
2. Ring the peace bell in celebration of the IDP followed by a brief interfaith prayer or ceremony and then walk for at least a mile. Some groups have indicated they want to do a longer walk and of course that is up to each group or organization.
3. We would like to ring the peace bell at the end and conclude with an interfaith prayer.
* We encourage inclusivity/diversity of faith, culture and ethnicity, age, race,  physical/mental abilities, sexual orientation and gender in all levels of participation.

It is that simple. Footprints Around the World for Peace honors bioregions by supporting local events and sharing them globally. Through internet broadcasting, social media and other web based venues, global sharing and weaving together of the events of the day can occur -- unifying our passion for peace.

This is a great initiative to mobilize and activate communities around an experience of peaceful engagement. I would like very much to link our efforts with yours. Visit our FACEBOOK page and post your scheduled IDP event. Let the sharing begin!!

Audri Scott Williams
Footprints Around the World 4 Peace

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