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Friday, September 5, 2014

Quantum Leap Transformational Center, Co-Founder, Audri Scott Williams

2013 to 2014 has been a year filled with opportunities to explore quantum leaps in technologies that will meet the healing and transformational needs of our families,  friends, and Mother Earth – now and into the future.

Exciting, ground breaking work this year began in the areas of:

QLTC Crystal Technology. Utilizing various organic salts from different parts of the world, we investigated growing and utilizing the QLTC crystals in experiments for their energetic capacity to advance personal healing and for use with other studies regarding creating free energy sources. We have had promising results.

OLTC Applied Pyramid Power. Utilizing specific crystals, metals and Tesla technologies to produce high frequency/low current/high voltage energy, we are experimenting in creating environments that accelerate the body’s capacity to heal. Experiments are also being done to affect healing in biospheres around living spaces. This research is also leading us to free energy research – very promising for the sustainability of our planet for generations to come.

►QLTC Sound Scapes.Utilizing sound to create sound scapes that optimize/enhance energy in combination with the  above technologies to create environments for optimal healing and clearing.

We continue to be answerable to the Grandmothers and to provide intuitive counseling, workshops and retreats.

While results of our preliminary research are very promising, it takes financial resources to sustain the progress we have made and to create workable models that we can share with the world. According to Audri, “Financial support is crucial to the cutting edge work that we do here at the Quantum Leap Transformational Center. Karen and I have dedicated our lives to the work channelled through the Grandmothers of the Four Directions. I do not know of many other centers developed by women of color that not only offers workshops and retreats but also is engaged in quantum research for the healing, survival and sustainability of life and ecosystems on our planet. We give a 100% of our personal resources but it is rarely enough to sustain us, the center and our work. Contributions from friends, family and our communities are essential and we thank all of you who have given so much to assist us in the past and look forward to your continued support.”

Donations can be made by using this link and clicking on the donate button http://qltcnowtime.weebly.com/activities.html

Or send a check or money order to Spirit of Truth Foundation, 121 Lewis Street, Cottonwood, Alabama 36320.

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