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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NOWTIME Wisdom Teachings from the Grandmothers of the Four Directions

DAY 47 (Excerpt from The Diary of NOWTIME Prophecies by Audri Scott Williams, 1998)

In NOWTIME there are 12 seasons in a life and/or Earth cycle, each having 8 houses, and the final four seasons (9,10,11,12) each having three dimensions. There are five seasons of passage in a life cycle, the 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th and 12th. Each of these passages represent a major crossing. You experience the first four seasons in the light as you move from east to west. You experience the next four seasons in the dark and you return to the light for the final four seasons.  

Each being enters the Earth in the first house in illumination. Soul and individual are one in innocence. Movement through the final house of the first season is marked by a loss of innocence, the time when the self sees itself as both spiritual and physical. Movement to the second season occurs at this point of recognition or loss of innocence. In the second and third house this separation continues until the spiritual aspect is left for the fulfillment of the individual and the person begins to live to satisfy individual needs and creates in his own image. 

In the fourth season man is at the peak of individuality. At this point everything in his life revolves around self-image. Great pains are taken to protect and justify choices. This is often the point where you inflict the greatest pain on each other, where conditions are established and where you choose only to have those around you who support your self-image. In the fourth season the individual takes dominion over the soul. Exiting the fourth season is always marked by entry into the dark. The passage through the dark, the 5th through the 8th houses, is the only way to understand the light. 

In the 5th house the individual longs for the soul as the quest for life tires of the ways of the individual and seeks greater meaning for existence. At this dawning the individual and the spiritual begin a tug of war with the self. It is at this point that people begin to exert themselves in often unpredictable ways. This represents a confusing and stressful time for personal relationships as references for life begin to change. This transition continues into the sixth season. In the seventh season the person yields to faith and recognizes the need for balance of individual and spirit. In the eighth season the individual no longer recognizes a separation of spirit and individual and are now prepared to return to the light, not in innocence but in full knowing. 

Entrance into the last four seasons is an entrance into higher and higher states of awareness. Each season, in addition to the eight houses, now has three dimensions characterized by the three elements of the Earth: water, air and fire. These seasons are seasons of tests and are guarded by the Jackal. As the guardian of the WAY, the Jackal presents many opportunities for growth through the three dimensions. The Jackal is finally defeated in the 12th season before the return to the ONE. So in the final passage through the light (seasons 9 through 12), great things are possible. The power of the ONE builds with passage into each season. In these seasons people have the capacity to literally change the world. Completing the 12th season enables an exiting from the 12th season into the return passage through the core and back to the birthing point of the light.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Healing & Transforming Ourselves, Our Humanity

Healing & Transforming Ourselves, Our Humanity

 7 (Cleansing) + 7 (Discipline) + 7 (Clarity) = 21-Day Fast Invitation
July 26 to August 15, 2016

I have meditated and prayed -- calling on my Ancestors; on the wisdom teachers that guide me (past, present, and future); on my Angel Guides - the Grandmothers; on my higher self; and on the younger generations, and those yet to be bornThe questions I continue to ask are, "What is being called forward at this time for us? What is being called forward in us in response to all that is happening in our communities and in the world? How do we respond in a way that will move us beyond this tragic moment in our history?"

I do not believe I will be wrong in acknowledging that many of you are in the same quandary. And to ALL I say, "Thank you for at least taking the time to ask the questions that very well may lead us, individually and collectively, to actions that can become the foundation for an end to the genocidal practices that are affecting our black, brown, and red communities; immigrants; the LGBTQ, and increasingly vulnerable poor communities."

In pursuit of the answers to the questions resounding in my heart, I am being led to do a "21-Day Fast" that takes place in three 7-day increments, beginning July 26 and ending July 15. Why this timing? To many ancient cultures, July 26 serves as the day marker for the helical rising of the star Sirius, signaling a time for renewal and recommitment to the new year. In this fast, we have the opportunity to renew and recommit to ourselves and our shared humanity.

I invite all who may feel called to join me. There will be a community call on July 25th (the day before we start) at 7pm Eastern Time. The call-in number, for this and all calls, is 712-775-7031 and the Access Code is 366-243-015.

Below is the process I will follow for the 21 Days. If you choose to join me, feel free to modify this to create a process that works for you.

The first 7 days are for cleansing (mind, body, and spirit); the second 7 days are for discipline; and the third 7 days are for clarity. The intention for this 21-day period is for Healing and Transforming Ourselves - Our Humanity.

1.       The First 7 Days: I will be doing a liquid fast (water and juicing). And I will engage in sunrise/sunset meditations and exercises such as yoga, Qi Gong, walking, dancing and journaling. As this is a cleansing time, I recognize that I will be releasing on every level and will use a buddy system so I will have someone I can share with during this 7-day period. I suggest you also have a Fasting Partner during this time.

My affirmation: "I celebrate this opportunity to cleanse and clear my body temple."

*The type of fast should be determined by each person and based on each person's dietary needs. The objective is to give up something that will be a real test for you. Please do your own research and consult with practitioners who can advise you on whether you should fast or the best way for you to fast.


**There will be an open call on August 1st, (the end of the first 7 days) from 7 to 8:30pm - USA Eastern Time, for a group check in.

2.       The Second 7 Days: This is the time that I will be mindful of my thoughts and actions, learning to take each thought and examine what is coming up for me. I will be journaling and sharing with my Fasting Partner at a designated time each day. This is also the cycle where I will begin to minimize external conversations - going deeper and deeper within. I will continue with my body work and become more conscious of my breathing. I will use meditation techniques to assist me in maintaining my focus.

My affirmation: "I release and let go of any limiting thoughts. I am free to explore new possibilities and creative opportunities to examine my life, my family, and community. I am disciplined and consistent in my fasting, meditation, journaling, and body movements."

***There will be an open call on August 8th (the end of 14 days) from 7 to 8:30pm - USA Eastern Time, for a group check in.


3.       The Third 7 Days: These 7 days are centered on reflection and clarity. During this 7-day period I will seek to slow down, learning to gently begin a process of opening to the world, but not moving so fast that I become overwhelmed. This is a time when I will honor myself and others for holding an intention for 21 days. In the journaling process, I will highlight thoughts and actions that can be embraced by the collective body on this journey.

My Affirmation: I see the world through new eyes. I now know the right action for me to take for my highest good and for the highest good for humanity. I am grateful and feeling great! I am ready to face the world with energy, excitement, and courage."

On the evening of August 15th, (the end of the 21 days of fasting) from 7 to 8:30pm - USA Eastern Time, there will be an open call for sharing and to ground this experience so it will guide and inform our actions forward in our daily lives and the lives of our families and communities.


Audri Scott Williams

The Red Flame for Freedom Movement 
Global Trustee for the 
United Religions Initiative
World Peace Walker

Email: audri.stf@gmail.comHealing & Transforming Ourselves, Our Humanity

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