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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Grandmothers' Reading 2017-2018


Reading for 2017 -18
From the Grandmothers of the Four Directions


Received January 5, 2017

By Audri Scott Williams & Recorded by Karen Hunter Watson 

If there are three descriptors that could capture what is ahead for 2017 and into 2018, they would be:

  • Awakening
  • Harmony, and
  • Creative Pulse

We are certain that everyone feels it. There is a chaotic force, and we choose these two words very carefully. Chaos to us represents change. Amid the chaos – the change to affect a great shift, the Polar Opposites tend to “battle” for dominance, resulting in a reordering of things. In the midst of chaos, internal and external challenges will dismantle illusions which will appear to disrupt the notion of “business as usual”. 2017 and 2018 will be plagued with chaotic force or energy.

Challenges to the very core values of humanity – the very foundation for its being - will test the spirit of humanity. Yet from this chaos, will emerge those who are consciously aware of the power and potential of this transitory period.

There are many who have been working to evolve, to access their higher selves - their higher consciousness as they seek clarity and conscious renewal of systems and structures to be the expression or experience of the higher power or source energy in its capacity to bring peace, guided by love, compassion, justice. This will create clarity of consciousness that affects a collective push by humanity to transcend the trappings of old systems built on greed and divisive hierarchical structures to protect those in power. This time of the great shift will create the tensions to bring humanity into alignment with its Divine goodness. This will challenge individuals, families, nations as you struggle to seek acceptable values that guide actions and events over the next 18 to 24 months.

Our desire is to push humanity to “see” into itself. And, from this sacred space of truth, to desire to allow this awareness to consciously choose “life”, not the antithesis of life -- death. It is to this group that this channel is directed and upon which it will have the greatest impact. Your ears and your hearts are open to receive that which is for the greater good.

We call this cycle of time, “The Great Awakening”, because, now, the veil of illusion is being lifted. There is a deep sense of survival consciousness as you are becoming more and more aware of the impact of your, individual and collective, actions on the earth. This awareness will force you to tap into the creative pulse that permeates all of life, to create the foundation for new systems and structures that will expand opportunities for a better world for all. And, to make it available through and to humanity – emerging through the efforts of the Mighty Few. It is this pursuit that will allow the balance of masculine and feminine energy to be called into service to create the transformative power necessary to lift all of humanity to re-connect to the entangled web of life where everything is interdependent and mutually reliant.

We, the Spiritual Grandmothers of the 4 Directions, choose to breathe life into this time of “Awakening”. We choose to make ourselves available to assist those who are waking up and, to those who are determined to stay awake -- for that will be the challenge in this unpredictable cycle. As this massive energy comes, it will create great change that will appear at first to be chaotic and unpredictable. There will be an immediate response that pulls many together around specific issues/concerns, causing a reaction emanating from their highest state of consciousness. They will pull together for their survival, for the sake of their families, their community, their nations, even the world. Then things return to their old ways. That is not the “Awakening” that we are talking about. We are talking about the Mighty Few awakening to the point that they seize the opportunity afforded by this compressed transformative energy and use its force to engage the collective imagination in creating sustainable new systems that will sustain what is right, what brings balance and harmony, what is loving and life giving, what is good not only for today but for generations to come, not just for some but for all.

In previous channels we spoke of  “crystal clusters” as a metaphor for what you may call “soul groups”, your tribe, your “people”.  We use the phrase crystal cluster because: Crystal clusters – Are multiple crystal points still connected on a base slab from which they grow. This gives them magnified energy as they function both individually and collectively; amplifying their energy/power for use in communication, especially for accessing the “creative pulse” of the universe. Crystals are “alive” – they grow, reproduce and regenerate themselves.

In this reading, we suggest that by connecting with your “crystal cluster” you are fueled by the recognition of the foundation from which each individual is inspired to create, engage and empower one another. Each point of the crystal cluster or individual can immerse themselves in the energy of pure love and compassion, they can immerse themselves in the goodness and heart of life. They can feel the symphony of life. They can hear the music of the spheres. They can feel the fire within, the water, earth, the air connecting with natural sounds of life -- of source. And use these forces of nature, of life, to be strong in their inspiration and in using this inspiration to re-imagine the world in which they live and which they affect. Being connected to others who inspire the best in you is extremely important during this time.

In a conscious state of awakening, one should never underestimate the power that an individual has who has plugged into this state of awareness, represented by the base of the Crystal Cluster – that which unites and ignites that creative pulse that is within, some call it the Divine spark. This connection to Source energy, literally provides each, and the whole, with the capacity to move into what others may perceive as a chaotic flow of energy and just by their mere presence begins to extract the good from the chaos and reorganizes the energy in such a way that a higher state of consciousness emerges and affects everyone. There is this incremental increase of the creative energy or pulse of the universe that is seeking to reorder, reset if you will, the conscious power of humanity, the God in us all, the Source, by whatever name anyone calls this force, it is that Source energy that is always present and now consciously accessible to all.

It is only the distraction of unevolved energy that can usurp the power of that creative force and appears to absorb it’s the power away from the “all”. When someone from these crystal clusters moves into these potential chaotic energies, the distractive forces that do not seek to grow and to evolve, dissolve and are overcome by a resonance that reawakens each to its highest capacity --immediately. It awakens the energy. It awakens the people. It awakens the consciousness and the potential, the creative essence which is the “source energy” of the universe and realigns it to truth, realigns it to love. We use the word love, recognizing that “love” is an energy, love has a resonant frequency that can transforms all things and can bring everything to its rightful state which is in harmony and balance.

The Crystal Cluster becomes the “Fueling Station” where you can plug in, get the fuel you need, to continue to grow and evolve. This a Time of Awakening to Evolutionary potential that is available to all of life! That is what so important to understand. The state of consciousness that wants to create separation, and self-preserving hierarchy is at its peak! It cannot go any further. Being in that hierarchical space that feeds off greed, power, dominance, and violence -- if it goes any further, will destroy this earth. It will destroy life as you know it on this earth. It is already evident.

That is not what we choose to feed in this reading. We want to feed the energy of conscious awakening! Ignited with a particular power, the Mighty Few carry a power energy that, in itself, represents the reordering. All that is required is staying awake and showing up to what has heart and meaning. This is not the time to sleep. It is the time to wake up and engage on every front. Survival through this time rests on the awareness that all of life is connected -- every action we take, every thought we have, every breath we take, not only humans -- as spiritual beings we feed or destroy this beautiful essence of Creation.
The challenge is for the ALL to recognize the intimate connection of the web of life, that you wake up to understand how important you all are. We are all in this together. As humanity begins to tap into its intuitive knowing and honor that within themselves, the “unseeable”, the unknowable, we will discover peace and justice, love for all, and change will happen. Order out of chaos will happen. The antithesis of this is a polarized world at war with itself. That is not evolution, it is destruction.

It is fundamentally important that people understand, it is not about judging and getting caught up in the chaos. The only way out of chaos is to “right angle” out of the cycle. When you step out of the energy cycle of chaos, by doing something different, you realize the only true regenerative power is in the awakened state of consciousness. So what we are saying is to act in accordance with your individual “knowing” or creative impulse awakens you to the collective awakening. It begins to break down an artificial sense of power that could potentially break down and destroy the balance of life on earth.

It may look like those forces who seek to control are triumphant, but never underestimate the power of the Grandmothers. When we say the power of the Grandmothers, we are talking about the wise feminine energy that is rising and awakening now. It is an energy that must be fed, cultivated and nurtured. It is a consciousness rising through the feminine energy of receivership. When this receivership energy is in alignment, the Crystal base pulses in alignment with the heart of the earth, and the heart of the universe. It pulses in perfect alignment with Source energy, the creative essence of the universe. It therefore pulses at a frequency that allows the most positive energy shift to happen with the least amount of force, allowing the earth to regenerate and sustain itself. It brings us back to center. And the prevailing force of the Grandmothers assists us in sustaining life at its highest level.

We speak these words for all of life in the universe. Everything is connected; therefore everything affects everything else. As this action affects everything. As this awakening state grows those among the Crystal Clusters' being present bring that frequency of harmony to every situation. As It grows and awakens others. It awakens the entire universe. It awakens the creative essence of source in all beings so that right action, right thought is attained and can be sustained because the ultimate pulse of the universe is at work bringing harmony and balance to all of nature -- it is a glorious time. When one awakens from a sleep state they bring into that awakening consciousness the best of the dream world. Humanity is awaking from a dream, awaking into a period of its true reality.

We are supporting this process of energy flow toward a great Awakening in all the ways that we can assist. When there is an artificial attempt for species or a life force to be in control and dominant outside of the natural order of things (acting of its own accord in competition with the creative force of the universe.) Chaos and destruction prevail, creating what may be perceived as a complex web of destruction. Complexity comes when systems and structures have to be created to outdo God. Simplicity comes when everything is aligned with its natural order and truth reveals itself as truth. The web of complexity is breaking down, because the simple truths that are calling it forward are revealing themselves in us.

Because you, on the Earth, have such a crucial role to play, we give you that Key, that when you are struggling and things are overwhelmingly complex take a breath, seek truth of understanding of what is at the core of the complexity, the disharmony and distraction. When you understand that Harmony can only come through the Divine Essence of the Creator, you tap into all that is available to you.

You can see yourself in everything, you can see everything in yourself.  Create the best of what is in you through the creative pulse that runs through you and through the Universe. Pay attention. It can be so subtle that you may miss it. To project that out into the world through all creative essence that is available to you and that will be expressed in different ways by different ones, opens the heart to a greater understanding of the essence of life that transcends the past, that transcends the distractions and the delusions, that is the path that the Ancestors have lit before you. The gift that they bring forward is not to anchor you in the past but to open your eyes to see the wisdom that comes out of past experiences into the now and forever forward in time.

Be mindful of complexity and how it shows up and the message that it brings. Seek the Higher Ground and in your communication, understand that words are vibrations, order your thoughts in ways that are aligned with the highest good -- less words, more listening, more breath, more reflection, less ownership of the human experience and more passionate opening to the possibilities ahead --in the ultimate opportunity to building beloved Community. It is the only way the only key to the survival of this human race.

The forces of the universe are available to all who seek it. All you have to do is listen. All the answers are there. In states of chaos and delusion you forget to listen. You can access this higher state of consciousness simply by learning to listen -- not just with your ears, but with everything that is in you, with your heart –so that listening is inclusive. It is “feeling”. “I hear and feel the words.” When you begin to listen, to deeply listen, you hear/feel the utterance of the Creator. It is that simple.

So while it may appear to be a chaotic period for a while, you will begin to understand that there is no “out there” that everything is within us. There is the infinite universe within us. When we are in a perfect state of awareness that is what we see consciously or unconsciously. In 2017 – 2018 embrace the power, the great awakening. Each of you have the potential to awaken and when we connect with that creative pulse, we are brought into alignment with those we have traveled the world through time with us. To support one another, we radiate the highest frequency for our own growth and understanding. As a result, we make this world a better place as we awaken to the truth, the simple truths of the power and essence that is within each of us.

There is no magical answer, no magic wand, there is only truth. The “Innerverse” is perfect, and so are we, so are you, so is all of life. When we step out of the realm of distraction and complexity into the realm of truth, we understand that we are awakening; we admit the pulse of all creation; and just by our mere presence we change the world. That is what we choose to feed in this reading, this year. The power is YOU AWAKENING dear ones. Awaken and walk the path that is lit within you and before you. Navigate the light within, that will always land you on higher ground.



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Thursday, January 19, 2017

On The Trail With Mom

Who Said Alzheimer's has to Slow You Down? 

In 1996, Mama Natalie was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys a person's memory and ability to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate, and carry out daily activities. As Alzheimer's progresses, individuals may also experience changes in personality and behavior, such as anxiety, suspiciousness or agitation as well as delusions or hallucinations.              

One of the most heart wrenching decisions I have ever had to make was to move Mom and Dad to an Alzheimer Home.  I will never forget how devastated I felt when it was time to leave. There would be other moves, ending in Atlanta, GA, where I lived. Dad soon passed away and Mom was living with me. She blossomed. She was a part of all the activity in the home and participated in everything I was doing-my workshops and classes, special projects and celebrations.  Everywhere we went, people connected with her.  She loved every minute of it.  She could feel that she was still a central part of an energetic extended family. She loved being surrounded by young people and others who deeply cared about her. She related as though every experience was a part of her classroom.                                

Mom taught in North Carolina, for over twenty years, at E.E. Smith High School and as an English Professor at Fayetteville State University.  In 1970, we moved to the Virgin Islands, where she taught English at St. Croix Central High School and World Literature, Speech and English, at the University of the Virgin Islands, for over twenty years.  The arts were her passion.  Cultivating the artist in everyone was her mission. She was a phenomenal teacher and professor who took great pride in inspiring her students to write, create, and be the initiator of their fate.     
In 2005, I had a dream to travel around the world on a 3 ½ year "walk for global peace."  As the vision for "The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk" came forward, my response to the question of what to do with Mom was, “... take her with me.”                
Mom and I always had a relationship that was a great friendship, as well as, mother and daughter.  We have always enjoyed adventure together and, most importantly, we have always supported each other through everything that was happening in our lives.  As members of the "Trail of Dreams Team" began to sign on for the journey, it was apparent to me that the support necessary to bring Mom with us, was there and that she would be a vital part of the group.           
The walk began in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 21, 2005.  It is a demonstration of ordinary people showing up to engage in a journey of the human spirit that has taken us around the world in 3 ½ years to affect global peace. Our mission was to raise the collective awareness of humanity as conscious choice-makers and to center people in their power to choose. One of those choices for me was to keep my Mom with me on this journey.  Looking back, I don't think I could have made a better decision.  Thanks to my family, fellow walkers, Karen Watson, Chandelle Binns, Tony Shina, Lessie Pat Randall, Brenda Kay, Paolo Cafini, and all the people we met throughout our travels. The journey provided dignity and grace to the last chapter of Mom's life story.                     
She was an inspiration to the walkers and the communities through which we walked.  She taught us unconditional love and how to live in “the moment”.  She taught us how to serve and how to find joy in the little things-which really are big things-such as a smile, a hug, a kiss, a clap, a well-timed comment, beauty, and how to extend ourselves, in a very personal way, unconditionally … every day.   
She had an uncanny empathy for people and what they were going through.  She would reach out and grab someone's hand and hold it, and sometimes kiss it, totally melting the person's armor, snatching them right out of their head and into their heart.  Even when we encountered, what could have been, difficult times, Mom used this same technique to disarm and transform the situation.               
In terms of medication, at first, she took medication but medicine did not appear to benefit her. That is when we began giving her certain vitamins, protein drinks, and lots of love. I am aware that sharing our life force is vital to the recovery and wellbeing of everyone.  So, the greatest medicine we could provide was mega doses of the healing energy that comes to her through our sharing of our life force-LOVE!  And, meeting her everyday exactly where she was.                  
We shared everything, every experience with her. When we were camping in our tents, in sleeping bags, so was she!  When we were at the rim of the Grand Canyon, so was she!  When we were sharing in a community traditional ceremony, so was she!  Though Mom could not communicate verbally, her presence was always powerfully felt by all.
This experience taught me many things about Alzheimer's. Those afflicted with this disease are our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends.  They need our touch, our smiles, and most of all to feel that they are an important part of our lives, whether they are in nursing homes, our homes, or still living in their own homes.  If we can move through our pain and expectations of them to be the same as they were before Alzheimer’s, then we can see them for who they are and find the beauty and grace in each moment we have with them, whether they appear to remember us or not. And, we go slow, one step at time, because there will be good days and not so good days. As care givers, we must be mindful of our own self-care.
Mama completed the journey around the world with us in Atlanta, GA, on April 21, 2009, walking and singing all the way. Her favorite saying on the journey was "Thank me darling."  We do everyday Mom, we do!

Comments from fellow walkers:

"Being on this journey with Natalie, has taught me about unconditional love: Love has no boundaries or conditions. She communicates this in many ways with her smile, her affection, her words. Natalie, reminds me that elders hold the vision and wisdom for the world, and just because someone has an ailment of some sort, it does not stop them from LIVING. It is a great lessen and honor to take care of our elders in a loving, human way. Being in an environment filled with unconditional love and constant attention extends one's life. Natalie, keeps us laughing and keeps us grounded. We are reminded that the basic necessity of life-LOVE-is essential in the healing of any situation. - Chandelle C. Binns


"I remember one time, we were on a silence fast. We got Natalie, ready for the day and brought her out to have her breakfast. She shook her head and said, "...and nobody's even talking!" We all laughed out loud. She has her way of reminding us to maintain a sense of humor. --Tony Shina 

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